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Our Services


Executive Search    

Organisations often need a more tailored approach to identify and attract new talent. Whether you are looking for professionals in high demand, conducting a search that must remain confidential or you are looking to secure a candidate in a very niche area, we offer a variety of search options to meet your requirements.


This is a bespoke solution designed to attract highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs.


Contingent Solutions

Attracting talent in the life science industry can be challenging and highly competitive.

By being specialists in our selected markets we have built a comprehensive network of relevant and expert candidates to meet your requirements.


Our personal and effective contingent service is provided with no upfront costs; fees will only be charged upon placing a successful candidate.


Temporary Solutions

We understand the importance of offering our clients an interim or fixed term solution, one that will help ease the pressures of an urgent requirement in the workforce. Whether this is due to a new study, a need for an expert consultant, or simply an under-resourced team; we can provide a quick solution with our global network of freelance and interim workers.


We’ll manage the process and make it as simple as possible. From taking on the requisition to the ongoing communication and management of the contractor; including payroll services.


Market Mapping

In our fast-moving, global industry, understanding the talent landscape is essential when hiring the next leaders for your organisation.


Whether it’s by the therapeutic area, skill set or geographical location we can provide a clear and detailed picture of the market. We will present a comprehensive report including the names, companies and positions of selected departments or the wider talent pool.

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